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At JOBST®, we bravely stand up against lipoedema, lymphoedema and venous conditions. We provide compression therapy solutions that empower you to fight against the forces that weigh you down. 

Everyone deserves to confidently live the life they want without compromise, and we are here to support you every step of the way. Our solutions are designed to meet your unique needs and lifestyle. With our wealth of knowledge, insights, and experience, we develop innovative products that alleviate the weight of physical and emotional discomfort for everybody.

Discover the world of JOBST. See how we can help you achieve your wellbeing goals and enjoy more of life's special moments. Let’s defy gravity together.

The Motivating Power of Choice

An Even Broader Range of Neutral Shades for JOBST Elvarex and JOBST Elvarex Plus

Neutral shades are chosen often – so we wanted to offer a greater choice of them for JOBST Elvarex and JOBST Elvarex Plus compression garments. Our improved range consists of six neutral colours – including the wonderful new shades Beige, Caramel and Bronze. We have increased the consistency of the names throughout the JOBST portfolio. Furthermore, all new colours are available for both upper and lower extremities. Check out our new range of neutral colours.

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We refuse to let lipoedema, lymphoedema or venous conditions remain taboo. That’s why we brought together a group of fearless individuals who defied the limitations of their condition by trying synchronised swimming for the first time. Through their inspiring stories, we aim to show that nothing can hold you down. Read more about their empowering journeys below.

Discover our Medical Products

Behind all of our products stands the knowledge, the experience and the daily care of a long-established company, which has dedicated itself to quality and know-how.

  • JOBST ForMen

    The stylish men’s compression socks
  • JOBST Maternity

    The compression garment for your pregnancy
  • JOBST UlcerCare

    For effective management of leg ulcers
  • JOBST Confidence

    The new Contour Fit Technology - move freely with compression
  • JOBST Elvarex

    Lymphoedema and lipoedema patients with moderate to severe oedema who appreciate the strong containment
  • JOBST FarrowWrap

    A short-stretch adjustable compression wrap system
  • JOBST Bella

    The LITE compression garment for your daily support
  • JOBST Relax

    Compression for continuous comfort at night
JOBST Confidence

A New Era of Comfort – Designed for Your Needs

JOBST Confidence uses an innovative knitting method which allows you to move freely with compression. Its supple, conforming fabric gives you the reassurance of firm support. JOBST Confidence tight style garments feature an innovative design that better follows the natural shape of your body. Its ergonomic seam is positioned to reduce discomfort and restriction.

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