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JOBST Elvarex

Firm Support for Reliable Compression

JOBST Elvarex offers made-to-measure (also known as custom-fit), flat-knit solutions for the upper and lower extremities. JOBST Elvarex provides firm support to manage more severe symptoms of lymphoedema or lipoedema, in particular. It helps to reproduce your contours for a better anatomical fit and enhanced wearing comfort.

Whether you’re looking for something to match your favourite outfit or provide a colour contrast, JOBST Elvarex products are available in various colours to complement your style.

JOBST Elvarex

Your Garment for Severe Lymphoedema and Lipoedema

JOBST Elvarex* compression garments are the therapeutic recommendation for more severe symptoms of lymphoedema or lipoedema, in particular. Lymphoedema and lipoedema are long-term (chronic) diseases and need continuous treatment. JOBST Elvarex is designed to provide the required compression for your day-to-day activities:

  • Breathable: Special knitting structure allows air to pass more freely and thus reduces heat build-up
  • Optional Functional Zone: Designed for greater wearing comfort and flexibility
  • Micro-massage: The knitted fabric can provide a micro-massage effect on the skin during movement
  • Flat-knit technology: Helps bridge skin folds to reduce cutting into the skin

The JOBST Elvarex product assortment is available in four compression classes (Compression Classes I – IV), plus two additional versions with stronger material (Compression Classes III Forte and IV Super) for the lower extremities. For the upper extremities, two compression classes (Compression Classes I – II) are available.

Whether you’re looking for something to match your favourite outfit or provide a colour contrast – you can choose between various colours to coordinate with your personal style.

*Caution: This product contains natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reactions

JOBST Elvarex Plus - A Finer Sense of Wearing Comfort With 3D Knitting and Seamless Flat-knit Technology

JOBST Elvarex Plus* is made-to-measure compression for the hands and toes that mirrors your contours for a better anatomical fit.

  • Seamless flat-knit technology: reduced risk of pressure marks and greater mobility
  • Air permeability: promoted by its open loop knitting structure
  • 3D Knitting Technology: designed for a “second-skin” feeling that allows it to conform to the shape of your hands and feet, reducing frequency of pressure marks between fingers, cuffs, and toes.1
  • Versatile: available in Compression Classes I and II, and in various colours.
*Caution: This Product Contains Natural Rubber Latex Which May Cause Allergic Reactions.

Miller A. Impact of seamless compression garments on limb functionality, comfort and quality of life. Br J Community Nurs. 2017 Oct 1;22(Sup10):S26-S37. doi: 10.12968/bjcn.2017.22.Sup10.S26. PMID: 28961051

JOBST Elvarex Soft - Comfortable, Skin-Friendly and Effective Compression

JOBST Elvarex Soft is our breathable compression garment for upper and lower extremities designed for lipoedema and lymphoedema patients with sensitive skin:

  • For sensitive skin: thanks to soft inner yarns and knitting technology
  • Anatomical fit: delivers safe and reliable gradient compression
  • Made-to-measure: fitted to your personal needs and lifestyle
  • Ease of use: designed to be easier to don than conventional flat-knit compression garments
  • Versatile: available in Compression Classes I, II and III for the lower extremities and Compression Classes I and II for the upper extremities, plus various colours

JOBST Elvarex Soft Seamless

JOBST Elvarex Soft Seamless gloves and foot caps are designed to provide medical grade compression over the entire surface of the garment:

  • Flat edge finish at fingers and toes decreases bulk and prevents curling
  • Made-to-measure garments for an anatomically correct fit, even in difficult areas such as the ball of the foot or the toes
  • Available in Compression Classes I and II, and in various colors
  • Soft and breathable flat-knit fabric

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