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Compression Products for Nighttime

Maintain Your Therapy’s Success

Wearing daytime compression garments is one of the key elements for managing your lymphoedema and feeling comfortable during the day. Nighttime compression garments can support your lymphoedema treatment overnight: They help maintain your oedema reduction and to counteract fluid accumulation at night

How Nighttime Compression Can Support Your Treatment

Nighttime compression garments can complement your recommended daytime lymphoedema therapy. They must be supportive, but also flexible and comfortable enough to not cause constrictions or skin irritations.

Nighttime compression garments are designed to:

  • Maintain your oedema’s reduction achieved during the day
  • Counteract new fluid accumulation at night
  • Ease your nighttime routine
  • Improve your sleeping comfort
  • Stimulate lymphatic flow

JOBST nighttime compression garments are designed with several features for continuous support at night.

What Makes JOBST Nighttime Compression Garments Special

JOBST Relax is specifically designed for nighttime compression. It is made of lightweight fabric, provides extra cushioning and reduces disturbance during rest and sleep. It features a textured surface designed to micro-massage the skin and to support stimulation of the lymphatic flow. Its flat-knit properties make it less likely to wrinkle into skin folds and cause constriction.

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