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JOBST® Relax

Continuous Comfort at Night

JOBST Relax supports your lymphoedema management while sleeping, for continuous comfort at night and to make your days more enjoyable. We designed JOBST Relax to help maintain and complement the results you achieved from your lymphoedema treatment during the day - with lightweight fabric, extra cushioning and a micro-massaging effect.

Why Nighttime Compression?

Wearing nighttime compression garments can support your lymphoedema management overnight. It helps maintain your oedema reduction and to counteract fluid accumulation at night. That’s why nighttime compression can be a great supplement to your lymphoedema therapy.

Find more information about the benefits of nighttime compression here.

How JOBST Relax Works

We designed JOBST Relax using a special knitting technique that creates a Comfort Spacer Layer. This feature gives JOBST Relax the right balance between fabric thickness, cushioning and breathability. Moreover, it is provided with extra moisture management properties.

JOBST Relax features a textured surface, designed to micro-massage the skin and to support stimulation of the lymphatic flow. Its flat-knit properties make it less likely to wrinkle into skin folds and cause constriction or to disturb you during rest and sleep.

What Makes JOBST Relax Special

Designed to maintain oedema reduction and counteract fluid accumulation at night, you’ll feel the difference and sleep more comfortably due to the qualities of JOBST Relax.

Scientifically Confirmed1

JOBST Relax garments are easy to use, comfortable and conducive to sleep – that’s scientifically confirmed. A recent observational study showed the following results among others:1

1 Tobias Bertsch; Evaluation of a novel night-time compression garment: a prospective observational study; BJCN, Vol 23, No 11, p. 535-541



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