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Male knelt on the ground fixing the wheel of his bicycle

Compression Stockings for Men

Compression That Keeps You Moving

Venous diseases affect approximately every three in four adults worldwide, affecting men and women. One of the key elements in treating venous disorders is medical compression therapy.

JOBST offers medical compression stockings that are specifically designed for men. They adapt to the size and shape of your leg and feet and are available in different styles and colours. Whether you are looking for an all-rounder or specialties, you’ll find a stocking that suits your individual needs. With JOBST compression stockings for men, you can continue your personal lifestyle with ease.

Close up of men's foot in beige shoe with blue compression socks and jeans on the peddle of a bicycle

All-Round Compression Stockings for Men

JOBST forMen Ambition compression stockings are designed with activated carbon specialty fibres for effective odour management and to keep your feet dry, cool and comfortable. These fashionable compression stockings are the perfect fit for aspiring men.

Dad playing football wearing office work wear and holding briefcase kicking a football in park with his sons

Specialties for Men

JOBST forMen Explore offer a perfect combination of durability and comfort for active legs at work or during leisure time. They are made of high cotton content for a natural wearing comfort.

Why Compression Is the Key to Managing Your Condition

Starting compression therapy as soon as possible can reduce your symptoms and prevent their progression. You'll get the most benefit if you wear your compression stockings every day. Therefore, they need to be the right fit, should be comfortable, and provide the necessary compression. Our JOBST compression stockings for men are specially designed to adapt to the shape and size of your legs and come in a variety of masculine styles and patterns.

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