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JOBST Opaque

Compression Meets Comfort

If you are looking for medical compression stockings that provide therapeutic compression without forgoing comfort, then JOBST Opaque is your perfect fit. JOBST Opaque compression stockings combine functionality with a very soft and pleasant feel. Their refined opacity hides blemishes and gives them a smooth and elegant look.

Your Concealing Compression Stocking for All-Round Use

JOBST Opaque combines compression and comfort. With different options from knee-high stockings to tights in 3 different compression classes*, you can combine JOBST Opaque with different styles. The refined opacity and knitting structure discretely cover small imperfections, whereas a special blend of soft yarns ensure a comfortable compression garment. You can choose between 4 different neutral shades and 6 fashionable colours.


*Made-to-Measure option is available in 3 compression classes

Secure Stay That Is Gentle to the Skin

JOBST Sensitive thigh-high silicone band has been developed with one thing in mind: patient comfort. It is made with a new process that weaves siliconised thread into the band rather than coating silicone onto the surface of the fabric. JOBST Opaque is available with the JOBST Sensitive thigh-high silicone band for a secure stay-up while providing high breathability and being gentle on the skin. Learn more about JOBST silicone bands here.

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