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Adapt Your Oedema Treatment to Your Individual Needs

Adapt Your Oedema Treatment to Your Individual Needs

Compression bandages and garments are established treatment options to manage swelling from lymphoedema or venous diseases. However, they can be difficult to apply independently. Adjustable compression devices, also called compression wraps, are innovative solutions that offer an alternative to bandages or compression garments. Compression wraps are designed to be applied and removed more easily, while providing support similar to bandages. 

Take Control of Your Care

You can use compression wraps in all stages of oedema management. Whether you’re in the decongestion phase of your treatment, want to stabilise your oedema before moving on to compression garments, or want to maintain oedema reduction in the long-term - compression wraps can be used in any of these situations.

Here are how compression wraps can aid your oedema management.

Compression wraps are:

  • Suitable for all stages of oedema management
  • Designed to be easily applied and removed
  • Adjustable to changes in your limb’s size and shape
  • Enhance lymphatic and venous return due to short-stretch technology
  • Can be worn discreetly under your clothing

JOBST FarrowWrap, Compression for Empowering Self-Care

We designed JOBST FarrowWrap to enable you to confidently care for your own needs and manage oedema with ease. Made with durable fabrics, JOBST FarrowWrap helps to reduce limb swelling and maintain oedema reduction, to promote healing of venous leg ulcers. JOBST FarrowWrap is available in a range of styles, fabrics, sizes and compression classes.

Find out which one meets your needs here.  

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