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JOBST UlcerCare

Compression for Venous Leg Ulcers

Venous leg ulcers are non-healing wounds that result from chronic venous insufficiency, occurring mainly around the ankle. Active or healed venous leg ulcers require specific treatment which includes compression. JOBST UlcerCare provides medical compression and allows for the regular change of wound dressings.

JOBST UlcerCare: The 2-in-1 Compression System for Venous Leg Ulcers

Whereas some compression garments for leg ulcers can be difficult to put on, the JOBST UlcerCare 2-in-1 system is designed for easy and convenient use. The two-part system provides 40mmHg of graduated compression*. It helps to manage pain and discomfort that you might experience from venous leg ulcers. This unique system is available in ready-to-wear or made-to-measure versions. Moreover, it is less bulky than bandages, making it fit conveniently with common footwear.


*the final combined compression for both product components for an average ankle size.

Components of the 2-in-1 System

The JOBST UlcerCare Liner is made of soft textile and is equipped with a reciprocated heel for a better fit. The JOBST UlcerCare Liner also facilitates donning of the outer stocking. It helps to hold wound dressings in place and can be worn up to 24 hours per day (except for daily hygiene and wound inspection).

The JOBST UlcerCare outer stocking is worn over the JOBST UlcerCare Liner and is available in beige and black, with an optional zipper option. This compression stocking is specially designed to facilitate the change of wound dressings, supporting self-management.

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