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JOBST® Sport

Compression for Sport Lovers

Living a healthy and active lifestyle while effectively managing your venous disease goes hand in hand. JOBST Sport are knee-high athletic compression socks that help to improve blood flow and prevent swelling during and after exercising. They share the look and feel of performance athletic socks.

Whether you’re jogging or playing tennis - JOBST Sport is made for various athletic needs, including high intensity.

Your Garment for Athletic Needs

JOBST Sport are athletic compression socks designed to support you while exercising. They provide graduated compression which helps to improve the blood flow and prevent swelling for energised legs. JOBST Sport compression socks are designed with a unique solution for natural odour control without using chemicals or additives. This odour control recharges with every washing. The heels and foot soles are equipped with supporting zones. Together with their seamless design on the top of the toes, JOBST Sport compression socks provide a comfortable feeling during exercise.

The Technology Behind JOBST Sport

Compression: JOBST Sport compression socks exert graduated compression. This means that the pressure is highest at your ankles and decreases up to your knee. Gradient compression squeezes the veins in your legs, which in turn improves venous blood flow, avoids the pooling of blood in your lower legs, and improves blood transport from your legs back to the heart. This counteracts your venous problems, supporting you during and after your sports activities

Comfort: JOBST Sport uses a special blend of yarn that actively wicks moisture away from the body and through the garment to where it quickly evaporates, ensuring comfort and dryness. Additionally, JOBST Sport garments feature a Support Zone, which provides cushions for your heels and soles. Their seamless design on top of the toes supports a comfortable feeling during exercise.

Do you want to support your recovery from exercise? Scientists systematically reviewed the current literature and confirmed the benefits of compression stockings for recovery independent of training status. They observed the greatest benefits of wearing compression stockings after the training for strength recovery, recovery from resistance training, or to improve the performance in endurance sports, such as cycling.1


1Brown F, Gissane C, Howatson G, van Someren K, Pedlar C, Hill J. Compression Garments and Recovery from Exercise: A Meta-Analysis. Sports Med. 2017 Nov;47(11):2245-2267

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