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Pharmacy Orders

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How to order a JOBST compression garment

If you are a pharmacy there are a few different ways you can order JOBST compression for a prescription. 

Here are some helpful tips and information

• Ready-to-wear, also known as an ‘off-the-shelf’ garment, is a medical compression garment manufactured in a range of sizes

• Custom-fit, also known as ‘made-to-measure’, is a medical compression garment manufactured to the patient’s specific measurements and requirements 

• The prescription must contain all applicable Drug Tariff codes for the prescribed lymphoedema compression garment 

• A custom-fit prescription may contain several reimbursable Drug Tariff codes but you may only receive one compression garment to dispense as each garment is bespoke to the patient and contains a basic garment style with one code and codes for any additional options specific to that garment

• For a custom-fit (or made-to-measure) order, you will need a JOBST order form as well as the prescription 

• The JOBST order form contains all the patient’s measurements and the garment requirements and must be sent to us so that we can manufacture the bespoke compression garments to the patient’s exact requirements