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Compression therapy is the key element in treating a variety of venous diseases, as well as lymphoedema and lipoedema. When it comes to compression garments, there is no “one fits all”. JOBST® designs leading compression garments tailored to your medical and lifestyle needs.

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Living with a chronic condition is always a challenge. That’s why we constantly work on new features that help our medical compression products to be as comfortable as possible. Our JOBST Confidence garments are developed with the innovative Contour Fit technology, which truly replicates the unique form of your body and allows you to move more freely. Our SoftFit technology uses a fine silicone yarn knitted into the top band to keep your garment in place without digging into your skin. With JOBST SoftFit, we empower you to jump into a new level of comfort with stockings that stay in place.

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How Compression Works

Compression garments and bandages apply graduated pressure. This means that the highest amount of pressure is at the ankle (or wrist) and this gradually decreases upwards along the limb. Compression therapy has different purposes, depending on the underlying disease.


Compression Designed to Suit Your Needs

Heavy legs? Varicose veins? Thrombosis? Lymphoedema or Lipoedema? Our range of compression garments are available in different styles and compression classes, making them suitable for a variety of individual needs and preferences. In addition, we offer a comprehensive portfolio for all who require compression therapy to prevent and manage symptoms, including treatment with compression bandages and adjustable compression devices (also called compression wraps).

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