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JOBST Elvarex and JOBST Elvarex Plus: Our Improved Range of Neutral Shades


Offering a colour choice for their garment can support your patients’ feeling of ownership of their therapy and improve their willingness to stick with it. That’s why we’ve reworked our range of neutral colours for JOBST Elvarex and JOBST Elvarex Plus, including three beautiful new shades. Now you can easily offer a wider range of neutral shades to encourage your patients to wear their compression day after day.

Discover Our Three New Neutral Shades




More Choice for More Therapy Compliance

To positively influence compliance through offering your patients more choice is our common goal. To pick a colour might not change the world – but it makes a garment one they have chosen. And it might change their attitude towards their therapy and encourage them to wear their compression consistently. It’s a small choice for them, but it can be a big step towards therapy compliance.

”A choice of colours is very important”*

As a professional chef, Renate does difficult and heavy work – despite her lymphoedema. She knows “medicine must work, not taste” – meaning she values the therapeutical effect of her garments over aesthetic aspects. However, if she had a greater choice of colours, she’d happily pick one that is more to her taste.

Renate, how does compression help you?

“My legs feel less tired in the evening. (…) With stockings on, I feel more confident about my legs, as if they have a better shape and it chafes less.”


Is it tough to be consistent with your therapy?

“I don't have a problem with it unless it's really hot. Those are the moments when I realise (…) that I really need compression. But when the weather is normal, the first thing I do in the morning is getting on my stockings, I can't live without it.”

How important is a choice of colour for you?

“It is very important. It would be nice if you could choose from several colours you can wear under your dress.”




*This is Renate's story and not typical of all people with lymphoedema. Always seek advice from a Healthcare Professional if you experience any symptoms.

A Range of Neutral Shades to Choose From

Beige, Caramel, and Bronze: Three new and improved shades now complement Hazelnut, Dark Brown and Black to offer a greater selection of neutral shades.

JOBST Elvarex: Firm Support for Reliable Compression

JOBST Elvarex offers made-to-measure flat-knit solutions for the upper and lower extremities. It provides firm support to manage moderate and severe symptoms of lymphoedema or lipoedema, in particular. JOBST Elvarex Plus is made-to-measure compression for the hands and feet that uses a patented seamless 3D-knit to mirror contours for a better anatomical fit. A great choice – now with even more choice for your patients.

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New lighter beige shade for lower limb only, upper limb same colour variant. Beige colour for upper and lower limb now same shade.

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