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Choosing the Right Compression for Venous Diseases

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JOBST: The Right Compression to Manage Your Disease

Compression stockings play a central role in the treatment of all types of venous diseases. They can significantly improve your symptoms, reduce the swelling in your legs, support the healing of sores and wounds, and prevent complications of venous insufficiency. Our medical compression stockings can meet your individual need for effective treatment regardless of your size and shape. We design our products using special knitting techniques, breathable yarns, and other features for increased wearing comfort. Depending on the type and severity of your disease, our products are available in different compression classes to provide you the support you need.

Together with your healthcare professional you will find a product that not only fits your needs but also your lifestyle.

The Right Compression for Your Medical Condition

Our motivation is to provide you with comfortable and fashionable compression stockings for Everyday, Situational, or Medical use.


How JOBST Maternity Supports You During Pregnancy

 The veins have to transport about 20% higher blood volume during pregnancy to supply your growing child. As you can imagine, this puts a lot of extra pressure on your veins. Hormones, especially progesterone, also make the calf muscles more flexible, further complicating venous blood transport from the legs back to the heart. Over time, the weight of the uterus further impedes the venous return, causing the venous blood and fluid from the surrounding tissue pool in your lower legs.

Our JOBST Maternity products are specially designed to make your legs feel lighter, provide relief for your stomach and back, and improve your quality of life during pregnancy.

Making a Great Choice

Finding a stocking that fits your lifestyle and allows you to continue doing the things you love will help manage your condition. Discuss your personal preferences with your healthcare professional to find the right JOBST solution for you.

Want to learn more about our compression garments? Our Product Finder helps you to find a JOBST product that fits your needs.

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