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What to expect when expecting a baby

During pregnancy, your body goes through hormonal changes that have a number of effects such as blood pressure and volume increase, your blood vessels become more permeable, and the major draining veins become more constricted.

Although increases in blood pressure and volume help to nurture your growing baby, they can also result in symptoms such as aching legs, swollen ankles, and increase your risk for varicose veins.


All of this is entirely normal, but it can also be painful and might affect your daily routine when, for example, shoes no longer fit properly. At this time, your legs deserve extra attention and care: this is where JOBST Maternity compression tights come in, leaving you feeling lighter during pregnancy.

Compression stockings in pregnancy: good for your legs and your baby

Compression garments can help to improve your well-being during your pregnancy so that you can get on and enjoy the important things in life.

Wearing medical compression stockings during pregnancy helps to reduce swelling (oedema) and leg pain by increasing the pressure in the tissues under the skin. This provides support to your veins and helps prevent them from becoming swollen with blood. Plus, it can also help relieve vertigo and nausea.


The JOBST maternity compression tights range

JOBST Maternity products are specially designed to make your legs feel lighter, provide relief for your belly and back, and improve your quality of life during pregnancy. 

The special blend of yarns and ventilation zone make the maternity compression tights soft to touch, while simultaneously providing excellent ventilation and moisture management. Furthermore the elastic SoftFlex Zone of the JOBST Maternity Opaque tights adapts to the growing baby bump, without compromising on comfort.

Plus, there's no need to worry about compression tights being unattractive or unfashionable: all JOBST compression tights come in different colour variations from skin tones and elegant black, to chic trendy colours. JOBST Maternity compression tights are visually indistinguishable from normal tights, so you can feel confident and comfortable at all times.

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Additional ways to relieve your legs and feet

In addition to wearing JOBST Maternity compression garments during pregnancy, you can do several other things in your everyday life to help ease the swelling and discomfort in your legs*:

*Always check with your doctor about which form of exercise or sport is most suitable for you during your pregnancy.

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