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Compression Products for Medical Use

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JOBST Compression for Specific Medical Needs

JOBST offers a variety of compression therapy products to treat your specific conditions. Such compression products are usually prescribed by healthcare professionals to improve venous blood flow, or to reduce the risk of blood clots. JOBST compression products for medical use include compression stockings, wrap systems and bandages that are either used for reduction of oedema caused by venous disease or for treatment of venous leg ulcer, prevention of thrombosis after surgery or in diabetic foot care. JOBST also offers products for pregnancy such as the JOBST Maternity Support Belt. Read more about the different JOBST compression products for medical use below.

The Right Product for Your Medical Condition

JOBST Maternity

JOBST Maternity compression stockings support your veins during pregnancy: they counteract swollen legs and improve blood flow. Our supportive products, such as the JOBST Maternity Support Belt, can provide relief for your stomach and back.

JOBST UlcerCare

Venous leg ulcers are non-healing wounds, commonly a complication of chronic venous insufficiency. JOBST UlcerCare provides the required compression (40 mmHg at the ankle*) that helps treat active and healed venous leg ulcers.


*the final combined compression of both product components for an average ankle size

Compression Bandages

Compression bandages are used for venous and lymphatic diseases (e.g. oedema). They increase the velocity of your blood flow and improve venous and lymphatic return. Compression bandages can be adjusted to the size and shape of your legs when therapy is focused on reducing swelling.

Adjustable Compression for Oedema Management

Wraps are adjustable compression devices that offer an innovative alternative to bandages or compression garments to manage swelling from venous diseases or lymphoedema. Compression wraps offer the benefits of multi-layer bandaging but are designed for easier application and support self-care.

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