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What is Ready Steady Flow?

JOBST are passionate about lower limb conditions, improving treatment outcomes and a better quality of life for patients. The Ready Steady Flow campaign aims to support clinicians managing lower limb wounds, helping to reduce patient suffering and improve healing rates.

Looking for support implementing for the National Woundcare Strategy Programme (NWCSP) guidance?

Our team of professionals are ready to assist you with personalised support. Together we can help patients maintain healthy legs for life.

Let's get Ready...

...to treat patients as soon as they present with a lower limb wound in the absence of RED FLAGS.

Immediate and necessary care guidance applies to patients who present with one or more wounds on the leg, below the knee and on / above the malleolus.  

To prevent further deterioration, following initial assessment (in the absence of RED FLAGs), mild compression up to 20mmHg can be considered. It is believed that the benefits outweigh the risk of not applying it.1

Get Steady...

Accurate assessment and diagnosis is vital to achieve positive patient outcomes. An in-depth vascular assessment will determine if a patient is suitable for full compression of 40mmHg.2

Maintain the Flow

Following the healing of a venous leg ulcer, to prevent recurrence, aim to maintain healthy legs and circulatory flow. 

When implementing supported self-care, guidance should be given to ensure the patient knows when to seek support and advice.

1BLS Position Paper for assessing vascular status in the presence of chronic oedema prior to the application of compression hosiery: Position Document to guide decision making (2019). Avilable at: https://www.thebls.com/documents-library/assessing-vascular-status-in-the-presence-of-chronic[1]oedema-prior-to-the-application-of-compression-hosiery-position-document-to-guide-decision-making-a5
2National Wound Care Strategy Programme (2022) available at: Lower Limb | National Wound Care Strategy Programme

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